GHLO - Ain Shams Medschool Collaboration

* What's 'GHLO':

The GHLO (Global Health Learning Opportunities) Collaborative facilitates global mobility for final year students pursuing clinical, research, or public health electives outside their home country. The GHLO application service utilizes a Weased platform that streamlines the application process for students, enables home schools to endorse student applications and track progress, and host institutions to publish and manage elective offerings, student selection and evaluation.
For more details please check GHLO's site:

Ain Shams University is participating in this Collaboration as a 'Home Institution' and not a 'Host Institution'. This means its' students can apply for electives at other universities, but it will not be accepting any visiting students for electives.

The Collaborative Agreement is effective from June 2015 to 2016 [Agreement Renewed annually].

- This Agreement is supervised by:

Dr. Hend Elhelaly (Coordinator of Student Exchange)
Ass. Prof. Mohamed El-Debeiky (Coordinator of Student Exchange)
Ass. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shinawy (Ass. Prof. General Surgery)

- This session is organized by AMSRA (Ainshams Medical Students Research Association) which is a non-profit entity founded in May 2012 to mark and create a revolutionary change in the field of medical research.

- Special Thanks to:

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Emad (Dean of Faculty of Medicine)
Prof. Dr. Aisha Aboulfotouh (Vice Dean for Student Affairs)
Prof. Dr. Abdelfattah Saoud (Head of international scientific relations office)

* Eligibility criteria:

1- A medical student enrolled in Ain Shams University.
2- A final year student (6th year / internship year).
3- Once you access GHLO, each university will have its own requirements to be fulfilled. The university you apply to may choose to accept or reject your application for an elective.

* Important note :

At this moment, Ain Shams - GHLO Collaboration is an official affiliation at the Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University. This means that for internship students, generally, the electives you do through GHLO should be counted towards your internship.

* Disclaimer :

Ain Shams - GHLO Collaboration is an official affiliation between the Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University and AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges). AMSRA is NOT a part of this affiliation; will NOT have 'Home Administrator' accounts to monitor students' applications in GHLO, and will NOT have any role in the evaluation of students in sessions or the release of students' applications. AMSRA will only function as an Organizing Committee.


If you have any questions or complaints, please feel free to ask us on this page, or email us at ( ) and we will be happy to assist you.